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Congressman Trey Gowdy

Representing the 4th District of South Carolina

Strengthening Our Safety and Security

July 15, 2017


On Friday, the House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2018. This legislation will boost defense spending by 10 percent, provide a pay raise for the troops, grant the Army, Navy and Air Force their request for additional personnel, and increase missile defense funding by $2.5 billion. By rebuilding our military strength, the National Defense Authorization Act will enable the United States to more adequately and efficiently ensure the safety and security of our citizens while guaranteeing our brave men and women in uniform have the tools they need to protect our country and return home safely.

Fighting Human Trafficking

Contrary to common misconception, human trafficking does not require smuggling people from outside our borders into the country to work. It can happen right here in the United States, completely within our borders – and it does every day. This week, the House passed three bills to fight human trafficking. Among many things, these bills… 

  1.  Reauthorize $130 million to fund the prevention of human trafficking, protect victims, and prosecute traffickers
  2. Ensure the Department of Labor has the tools it needs to effectively train its employees to spot the illegal trade of people
  3. Expands a Department of Justice grant program to allow law enforcement agencies to qualify for federal funding to fight sex trafficking

House Intelligence Committee Update

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence continues to work on matters related to national security. In addition, I was put on a six person team to investigate: 

  1. What did the Russians do in 2016 related to the U.S. election?
  2. With whom, if anyone, did Russia they do it?
  3. What was the U.S. government’s response during the pendency of those Russian active measures attacks in 2016?
  4. Was classified information leaked and what was the process for unmasking U.S. persons?

While the Committee will continue its investigation, Congress should not interfere with the ongoing work of the Special Counsel. All things criminal or quasi criminal fall into the jurisdiction of Robert Mueller. Special Counsel should conduct his work independently, thoroughly and without interference from Congress. He has a critically important role to play and Congress should stay out of his way.

This week I joined Martha MacCallum on Fox News and Anthony Mason on CBS News to discuss the House Intelligence Committee's ongoing investigations. Watch the interviews below.